About this site: house rules

The house rules help everyone who looks at or uses this website to feel welcome and safe.The house rules say how people should behave when they use this website.They also say what we will not put up with.These house rules have been made by service users.You are agreeing to our house rules if you use this website in any way.Please read these house rules carefully.

The House Rules are

  • Do not write anything that is rude, not polite,or that might upset another member of the community.
  • Always try to be helpful, polite and respectful.
  • Do not use offensive words about anybody. For example,do not use words that put down disabled people, lesbians and gay men, black people, women, people with learning difficulties and people who have a different culture or religion to you.
  • Do not write anything that is a personal insult to anyone who uses or might use this website.
  • Be patient, users of all ages and experience may be using this website.
  • Do not pretend to be someone you are not.
  • Do not pretend that you are a member of an organisation if you are not.
  • Never give out personal information about yourself.
  • No advertising other than suitable and relevant meetings and published material.

About the law

Do not put anything illegal on this website. It can be against the law to put other people’s writing onto a website. Make sure you do not break the law.These House Rules were developed by service users and People First Lambeth advised on access and language.