About this site: Users of this site

Depending whether you are a general web user, a Friend or Member of this website,  you will see different amounts of information. As well as these three different types of user, members and friends will also have main contacts and editors.

What all of these can see and do is explained below.

General web use

Anybody who has access to the Internet can browse the this website. They can see all the areas that are reached by clicking on the buttons to the left. They will only be able to see information that Friends and Members have said can be seen by anyone.
Notice to individuals: If you know or want to advertise an event on this website please feel free to forward it to us via information@shapingourlives.org.uk.


Cartoon photo showing three peopleFriends are organisations that have signed up to join the network, but are not user controlled organisations. Friends can see all the information that public users can see and all the information for friends only, but not information that members only want to share with other members. As well as this extra information, friends can add events and news items to noticeboard, and can update their contact details. This is done in the Friends and members area. To see this extra information Friends must click on the Members and friends login link and type in their username and password. Once logged-in, users will see all the areas they have access to. The initial development work to set up the networking website was generously funded by the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE). In order to maintain and continue to develop the website we are seeking donations from ‘Friends’ who wish to join the site and use the noticeboard. We have decided against a formal scale of charges because we recognise that Friends will be from a diverse group of organisations and a ‘one size fits all’ approach would not be appropriate. However, we do need to ensure that Shaping Our Lives work in this area is supported financially, so please get in touch with us at Shaping Our Lives to discuss an appropriate contribution.


Cartoon photo showing four people including one in a wheelchairMembers, people who are members of user controlled organisations can see everything on this site. As with Friends, this information is on the same pages that everyone uses – but there is more to see. Members use the Members and friends login link and will be able to use the Members area to add information to this website. Members can also access the user controlled organisation area – where they can find and send messages to other members. Other features are planned for this area later.

Main contacts

Every member organisation will have a main contact. This person will receive messages from the website administrator. Main contacts, like other contacts, can change their own details, but not their organisation’s details.


Every member organisation will have an Editor. Editors can change their organisations details, and add, update or delete contacts for their organisation. Editors can also use the Member and friends login link like other members.