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Event registration template(pdf) –Event registration form template 2018

Guide for Presenters(pdf) – Guide to Presenters Shaping Our Lives January 2018

Ground Rules(pdf) Suggested ground rules for meetings ( May 2018)

Ground Rules ( word doc.) Suggested ground rules for meetings

Guidelines for making events accessible

Shaping Our Lives recognises that in our society some people and some groups have more power, choice and control over their lives than others. We believe that some groups and some individuals are discriminated against because of who they are. This discrimination can be against people because they are disabled, such as people with physical and/or sensory impairments, people with learning difficulties and/or mental health service users/survivors. People can experience discrimination because of the health and/or social services they receive, and it can be because of their HIV status, race and ethnic origin, age, sexual orientation, gender, marital status, and/or religious belief. Shaping Our Lives will work to try to get rid of individual and institutional discrimination whether direct or indirect on whatever grounds, both within Shaping Our Lives and in all areas of our work.

Shaping Our Lives is committed to working towards creating an equal and fair society where people have the same opportunities, choices, rights and responsibilities – a society where people have choice and control over the way they live and the support services they use.

Shaping Our Lives is committed to ensuring that the widest possible range of experience of service users is represented within its work.

Shaping Our Lives will apply this statement in all its areas of work, including its employment practices, policy-making procedures and its services to all individuals and organisations. Shaping Our Lives will encourage the adoption of similar policies by other local, regional and national service user organisations.