Benefits and Entitlements Advocate, Stay Safe East – closing date 11th November 2019

The Benefits and Entitlements Advocate will support Deaf and disabled victims of domestic abuse and hate crime.

Stay Safe East is a leading user-run agency working with Deaf and disabled survivors of domestic violence, hate crime and other abuse.

The advocate will provide long-term Benefits Advocacy to clients, some at a critical point in their lives, and support them to obtain a living income and any additional resources they need to enjoy a quality of life. The role includes:

  • Assisting clients to apply for welfare benefits, support them with assessments, appeals and challenging sanctions;
  • assisting with budgeting, refering clients for Debt Advice and helping them to obtain small grants and entitlements such as a Freedom Pass.
  • Co-producing guidance on the income needs of Deaf and disabled survivors.
  • In Year 2, running monthly benefits advice sessions for disabled people at a local community centre.

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