Disabled Workers Cooperative

The Disabled Workers Co-operative is a registered charity founded in 2002 to raise the independence of disabled people by enabling them to take an active role in the economy, thereby reducing poverty amongst disabled people; giving the disabled a greater sense of self-worth and raising awareness of the contribution that disabled people can make to society.

Unique to the Disabled Workers Co-operative is the Disabled WorkersDatabase of the products and services disabled people have to offer. Disabled individuals who wish to be self-employed are able to describe the work they are doing on this searchable database FREE, which is available to everyone.

As well as the Database they have established an eJobs Portal. Many employers say that they would like to recruit more disabled people, but they don’t get the applicants, whereas disabled jobseekers say there is no point in applying to vacancies because their applications are not taken seriously. The eJobs portal gives employers a way of advertising, FREE, direct to disabled jobseekers, and disabled jobseekers know that positions advertised on the eJobs portal have been placed by employers who are serious about recruiting disabled people. The Disabled Workers eJobs portal has helped many disabled people take their first steps back into employment and has given employers a way of achieving their corporate responsibility.