F.E.E.L. July Newsletter

Dear Friends,

We wish to thank all that contributed to the warm June meeting (NOT due to heatwave/weather conditions), with special appreciation to Chris Hansen’s presentation.
Chris very kindly joined us during her UK training tour and we are very grateful for her sharing time and knowledge with us. We also took epic souvenir photos before saying goodbyes; Myra, David, Kieran and others had already gone home by then, unfortunately.

Chris has courteously shared the link of the ‘Peer Respite Manual’ document https://tinyurl.com/y7kvlvv6
Alternatively a Kindle or paperback edition of it can be found on Amazon www.amazon.com/Peer-Respite-Handbook-Understanding-Supporting/dp/1478792647
Check the Intentional Peer Support site for more info www.intentionalpeersupport.org

And staying on the topic of peer work from the global platform perspective, MInd Freedom has just released the Voices for Choices video series
Last April Mind Freedom launched the Organizing Guide for Psychiatric Survivors, free to download here mindfreedom.org/resources/mfi-pocket-organizing-handbook

We will be back to LARC as usual for our monthly meeting on Monday the 15th July 6:30-8:30pm.
Please join us and check out the other forthcoming events and updates below.