“Social death – the impact of austerity and poverty”-

Debbie Abrahams MP will chair this seminar.

Our purpose is to place on record well sourced and tragic impacts of austerity and poverty at the seminar and then by posting the speakers texts on our website and advertising the posts on Facebook and Twitter.

Homeless deaths on the streets in freezing weather, suicide under pressure of mounting debts & low/no income, infant deaths rising of the babies of poor mothers are reasons why we convene this seminar to get the facts about current austerity & poverty collated on record.

The speakers are

Professor Danny Dorling, Oxford University

Dr Faiza Shaheen, CLASS

Dr Chris Grover, Lancaster University

​Professor David Taylor-Robinson​, Liverpool University.

Aditya Chakrabortty, Guardian columnist and senior economics commentator.

“Social death – the impact of austerity and poverty”- REGISTER