The Value of User Led Groups (2019 campaign)


The Value of User Led Groups – 2019 campaign


NSUN’s main campaign in 2019 is the value of user-led groups – that is demonstrating the huge value of user-led groups in our society and fighting the cause for their survival.

With the continued increase in the number of groups’ closures, many collectives of oppressed and marginalised people are under threat of disappearing, which can have devastating effects on group members.

We are asking ALL NSUN member groups and organisations (not just user-led groups) to please help us in completing our survey here.

The reasons for the survey are twofold:

  1. We need to ensure our membership database is as up to date as possible with ALL organisation’s /group’s details (not just user-led groups)
  2. In part 2, we then need to gather stories from all user-led groups sharing with us your current experiences and concerns for the future. With your responses, we will create a social media campaign to raise awareness of the value of and challenges facing user-led groups.

Please complete our survey now here, or at the latest by Monday March 25th. If you have any difficulty with doing this, please let us know at or call us at 020 7820 8982.

Thank you so much for your help in advance. It’s only by hearing what you have to say and gathering our members’ voices that we can put our collective voice forward to stand up and evidence why user-led groups are vital to our society and why they must not be allowed to die away.

You can read the article User-led sector ‘faces threat of extinction’ published in Disability News Service 14.2.19