Unsightly Drag – workshop

This workshop will explore how drag and visual impairment interact. The purpose is to look at how putting access for blind and VI people in to drag performance (for both performers and audience members) will inform and evolve the artform. We will bring queer visually impaired people, audio description experts and established drag artists together to share skills and create new work.

The workshop will focus on teaching blind people to do drag. It will help blind performers find their drag characters and give them skills to develop and perform. It will also focus on how to integrate audio description and access in to their practice from the beginning. The access then becomes a creative tool that is as important as the makeup and costuming.

How to apply

We are looking for four blind and visually impaired people who are anywhere on the LGBTQQIA spectrum, ages 18+.

This will be an exploration of drag, movement, audio description and the queer world.

Previous performance experience (outside of drag) desired but not required.

To apply or for questions, contact hello@quiplash.org.uk  or apply through the DIY16 call out page. https://bit.ly/2WkpXj3

via London Visual Impairment Forum