Beyond The Usual Suspects (BTUS): Towards Inclusive User Involvement

The focus of this report is making it possible for everyone who wants to, to be more involved in and have more say over their lives and the services they use to live them. This aspiration has come to be framed in terms of ‘user involvement’. The report draws on findings from a national research and development project supported by the Department of Health, which aimed to find out how this could be achieved. The findings are from a comprehensive 3 year study and there is a collection of practical resources to support the inclusive involvement of disabled people and service users.

BTUS Research Report



Resources PDF formats:

BTUS Electronic Guide 1 Some key questions

BTUS Electronic Guide 2 Making Activities Accessible

BTUS Electronic Guide 3 Positive meetings and get togethers

BTUS Electronic Guide 5 Ground Rules

BTUS Electronic Guide 6 Access check list

WORD documents


Findings Word format

Practical Guide in Word Format Document