There are growing concerns about UK mental health policy and services. They are widely seen as being in ‘crisis’,chronically underfunded and having fallen far behind physical healthcare. There are also more fundamental worries that they are over-reliant on a narrowly-based medicalised conceptual framework which can be stigmatizing and unhelpful for service users.


In 2010, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation published the findings of a national project exploring the views of mental services users/survivors and disabled people about how they felt mental health issues were understood in society and how they themselves understood them,Towards a Social Model of Madness and Distress?
This highlighted that most participants felt that a medical model dominated both public and professional thinking and that this was stigmatising and unhelpful and that further discussions about more
social approaches to mental health were needed.


From Mental Illness to a Social Model of Madness and Distress