Transforming Social Care: Changing the future together (April 2009)
Report by Peter Beresford and Frances Hasler.

A new study for the first time reports what service users want for future social care and how they think it can be achieved. Findings are presented from a national consultation event jointly organised by Brunel University and the Commission for Social Care Inspection. Shaping Our Lives supported the involvement of service users and the event was also supported by 18 major social care organisations, bringing together key policymakers and a wide range of service users.

One year in, the government’s three year plan for the radical transformation of social care to personalisation, is overshadowed by inadequate funding and recession. How is the momentum for change to be maintained and what do service users want that change to look like?

Service users identify a radical and coherent programme for reform that goes far beyond the expansion of personal budgets.

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