How to achieve better outcomes and lives through service user inclusion in the
National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)


In essence my report demonstrated that effective inclusion of children and young people in the policy cycle can improve outcomes. This work needs to be supported by:

  • organisations which are capable and practiced at supporting children and young people to develop their voices;
  • a genuine intention to hear and respond to the voices of children and young people with disability in the policy cycle;
  • a clearly articulated set of principles, practices and outcomes desired as a result of including children and young people in the policy cycle;
  • service providers and policy makers who are prepared to share power, be creative and brave;
  • the development and creation of a safe trusting place for hearing and responding to service users;
  • a strong evidence base of ‘what works’ for children and young people, particularly in relation to participatory processes in the NDIS.