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In March 2016, BASW Council decided to develop a co-ordinated campaign against austerity, building on the various initiatives taken at country and branch level since the implementation of austerity measures from 2010 onwards. This is now being led by the Austerity Action Group, which was created with the support of the Social Workers Union following the 100 mile Boot Out Austerity walk in April 2017.

The Austerity Action Group (AAG) currently consists of the core group of Boot Out Austerity walkers, together with representatives from each of BASW’s country committees, the International Committee and the Policy, Ethics and Human Rights Committee. Links to SWU are ensured by the presence of two SWU Executive members among the core Boot Out Austerity group.

The overall aims of the AAG are

  1. To develop and broaden BASW’s and SWU’s UK-wide campaigning against austerity
  2. To foster and develop anti-poverty social work practice, the importance of which has been heightened by current austerity policies.

1. Campaigning

The AAG has produced a Campaign Action Pack, in order to encourage anti-austerity activity locally, regionally and nationally across the UK. It was launched on 30th November 2017 and is currently an online resource. It will be further developed and refined, and in 2018 a print copy will also become available.

It is a step-by-step guide that outlines everything from how to organise public meetings, rallies and awareness-raising film nights, to setting up petitions, lobbying and contacting the press.

Download the pack below:

Single page version

Double page version

Other resources

The pack contains material gathered during the Boot Out Austerity walk, which is provided to inspire other actions. Other material that may offer inspiration can be found on the Boot Out Austerity website – – and in the films made of the walk, which are available online here. Both the 30 minute and 10 minute films can be seen with and without subtitles.

2. Anti-Poverty Practice

The other strand of the AAG’s work is to foster and develop anti-poverty social work practice. The group is currently developing a Practice Guide, to be launched in 2018. This is being developed with the active participation of BASW members.

For more information; to be added to the campaign’s mailing list; to provide feedback on the Campaign Action Pack, or if you are interested in contributing to the Practice Guide’s development, please contact us at

Boot Out Austerity: The 100 Mile March







To download the Austerity Campaign Action Pack click here