Care Right Now is a social enterprise that specialises in developing safer, more efficient healthcare systems that deliver improved health outcomes for patients.

We’re experts in bringing everyone involved in healthcare together – from providers to patients, staff to supporters.

Our team’s skills and specialities have been acquired in a number of settings. We have first-hand experience of front-line healthcare delivery as well as a thorough understanding of management and procurement roles. Our whole system approach sees us forging robust partnerships with complementary organisations including healthcare campaigners and patient groups.

All told, this allows us to work across hierarchies and traditional boundaries, keeping the focus firmly on the individual patient journey and creating safer, more efficient and cost-effective health service provision.

The principle of quality healthcare as a human right underpins everything we do and we are driven by our core values: to be ethical, visionary, courageous, empowering and committed.

We believe in corporate social responsibility in the delivery of healthcare services and accountability for all.

Our mission:

To work in partnership with the NHS, industry, patients and the public to improve service provision and experience. We aim to help all involved to realise their full potential through creative approaches to achieving sustainable change across whole systems.

Objectives of the conference:

DISCOVER: How to make care safer through listening openly to staff concerns

LEARN: Contribute to an online resource, suggest and implement actions

SHARE: Support and encourage each other to share best practice locally and nationally

UNDERSTAND: Reflect upon good practice and identify ways to take this forward

IMPROVE: Be able to articulate and promote the relationship between learning organisations and patient safety.

There are 3 videos available concerning the conference which can be seen here. There are more to follow.

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