Commissioning for human rights in home care for older people training resources
What elected members need to know

As an elected member of a local authority, you are responsible for upholding and promoting rights protected by the Human Rights Act (1998).

This relates directly to your responsibility for overseeing (via scrutiny committees and other means) the commissioning and provision of care services to adults, including older people who receive support in their own home. The human rights of older people who receive care at home are often at risk as was shown in the Equality and Human Rights Commission report Close to home in 2011. Some of the threats to human rights revealed in Close to home were:

  • people not being fed or being left without access to food or water
  • people being left in soiled clothes and sheets
  • people being ignored by care workers, who talked over them whilst delivering personal care, and
  • people being confined to their home or bedroom and unable to participate in their community.

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