How this guide was produced

This guide was funded by Public Health England and the National Institute for Health Research School for Public Health Research.

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How to use this guide

Each individual guide or framework has a summary covering:

  • background information, including lead author or organisation, date, target audience
  • themes
  • summary information – an overview of the guidance being reviewed
  • strengths
  • limitations
  • additional comments


Background or overview of evaluation:

  • assessing the evidence
  • evaluability
  • common challenges
  • policy and using theory

Pre-evaluation preparation:

  • developing a protocol
  • budgeting
  • contracting and communications
  • pilot testing
  • ethics
  • needs assessment
  • evaluation planning
  • logic modelling
  • stakeholder involvement

Evaluation process:

  • overview of evaluation process
  • defining questions
  • choosing outcomes
  • describing the intervention
  • design and methodology
  • data collection
  • data analysis and interpretation

Types of evaluation:

  • overview of types of evaluation
  • process evaluation
  • outcome evaluation
  • economic evaluation
  • community projects and fidelity

Additional support:

  • tools and toolkits
  • quality assurance
  • hiring an evaluator
  • training

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