Four social work training institutes located in France and Catalonia carried out action research for 4 years as part of the European project ProspecTsaso (Cross-border Health and Social Prospect) carried out on the cross-border space of the Occitania and Catalonia regions and financed by the Interreg Spain-France-Andorra Programme (POCTEFA 2014-2020) :
• ERASME, Institute of Social Work in Toulouse
• The Regional Institute of Social Work of FAIRE ESS in Perpignan
• The University of Barcelona (Social Work Department)
• University of Girona (Faculty of Education and Psychology: social education, social work and pedagogy).

The objective of this project was to clarify the issues of the participation of service users in social work training, to present different terms of implementation and to identify the conditions favoring this participation.
This action was carried with the collaboration of service users. The insights of this project are presented in a brochure translated into English, Catalan and French.
The insights presented in this booklet have been supported and also shared with other projects aimed at promoting the participation of service users in social work training: the international PowerUs network (Shaping Our Lives are part of this network), the EASSW European conference in Paris (June 2017), the guidebook on participation coordinated by UNAFORIS and published in France in September 2018.

Brochure presenting the results of the interreg project on the participation of service users in social work training