Data around young people’s health and behaviour are vital to understanding young people’s needs and commissioning services.

Key Data on Young People 2017

Supported by the Health Foundation, Key Data on Young People 2017 offers a compendium of publicly available data on young people in a comprehensive, accessible form, with interactive charts allowing data download and links to a wide range of related resources.  Download the whole interactive PDF report by clicking on the cover image opposite, or download individual chapters by using the links below.






Full report


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Living circumstances, education and employment

Chapter 3: health behaviours and lifestyle

Chapter 4: Sexual health and identity

Chapter 5: Physical health, longterm conditions, disability and mortality

Chapter 6: Wellbeing and mental health

Chapter 7: Health promotion and use of health services

Chapter 8: Inequalities in health outcomes

Concluding comments

A separate document on our Recommendations for Action can be downloaded here

A full set of powerpoint slides including all 131 charts can be downloaded here.  You are welcome to download any or all of these and use them in your work, but please acknowledge AYPH and the orginal source of the data.

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Association for Young People's Health