Why is it we find it so difficult to talk to each other, our older relatives, our grown up children, young people, children and our grandchildren about what worries we all have about dying? Or about others dying and what may happen to those left behind?

Having conversations with people you love about dying and death is difficult. It brings up many uncomfortable emotions so we tend to shy away from it.

This booklet is designed to help start those conversations. To help everyone to feel empowered and confident to talk about death, to ask questions of each other, to listen, to be sure what all of our loved ones would like to happen when death comes.

And have the knowledge and ability to ask the right questions to understand and challenge systems, organisations and health care professionals about the care and support of a loved one who is dying.

We have illustrated this book to allow you to use this, as a device to open up and guide conversations about death and dying for all age groups. Coping with death is an intergenerational challenge.