Research consistently finds that lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGB&T) people experience higher rates of mental health problems than other groups. Additionally, LGB&T people often do not feel able to be open about their gender and/or sexual identities with health professionals, and some still sadly experience discrimination from services or practitioners.

The LGB&T Partnership have developed two resources guide practitioners and service users on mental health issues. The first is as booklet entitled LGB&T People and Mental Health – Guidance for Services and Practitioners which aims to provide the basic information needed about gender identity and sexuality, and the needs of LGB&T people in relation to mental health, including clear lists of good practice when working with LGB&T people, which can be implemented in services and by practitioners.

The second is a fact sheet entitled LGB&T Mental Health – Seeking Support which provides information to LGB&T people who may be seeking mental health support.

Both resources can be found on the LGBT partnership website, here.
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