Payment Cards in Adult Social Care  PDF

A National Overview 2017

Local authorities should aim to develop a range
of means to enable anyone to make good use
of direct payments and where people choose
other options, should ensure local practice that
maximises choice and control (for example use
of Individual Service Funds). Local authorities
should also take care not to inadvertently limit
options and choices. For example ‘paid cards’
can be a good option for some people using
direct payments, but must not be used to
constrain choice or be only available for use with
a restricted list of providers.

The ability to meet needs by taking a direct
payment must be clearly explained to the person
in a way that works best for them, so that they
can make an informed decision about the level
of choice and control they wish to take over their
care and support. This should mean offering
the choice more than once in the process and
enabling that choice by providing examples
of how others have used direct payments,
including via direct peer support, for example
from user-led organisations.